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Do you feel like you are the only person who cooks for themselves?

I did…

…as most of my friends are couples or families it felt as if I was the only one who cook just for Me.

That was until I saw the census data a few years ago and discovered that a significant number of Australian households were ‘lone person’ household.

In the 2016 that figure is now 24.4%. That’s nearly 1 in 4 household are like me, cooking and baking for themselves. I’m not alone.

In 2016 the average household size is 2.6 person decreased from 2.8. The average household size is getting smaller with one or two persons household making up the majority of households.

So why is it that food is alway in family size pack, and recipes are for 4 or 6 servers!

I’m tired of food always being about others and the many… why can’t it be about what I like, need and want?

Why can’t the focus to be on ME size.

I don’t see this as selfish and uncaring. I see it as showing love and valuing ME.

After all if I don’t look after ME who will? But is still doesn’t seem to be a topic to talk about … I cook for just me. Conversations are about cooking for family and sharing with others. Which for me is fine every so often but not on most week night!

I’ve decided to stop hiding as a household of one and shout from the rooftops that it’s ok to be a ‘lone person’ household and that my needs are important and I am looking after them.

That why I’ve created my recipes and videos. Please join me on the just4Me adventure.

I’m a just4ME baker ’cause the ME is worth it!

How do you feel about just4Me household management?

five classic cake photos

Your thoughts please!

I’m in the final stages of creating a just4Me Bake Club special collection of 5 classic episodes. My challenge is what are the 5 must have cake recipes I need.

I have my shortlist but want to make sure I have what you might like.

So my question is, what are your 5 ‘must have’ just4Me sized cakes?

Do carrot cake, butter cake with lemon drizzle icing, fruit cake or chocolate cake make your top 5 list of cakes to have with a cuppa?

Just reply with your Fab 5 Cuppa Cakes in the comments below.

As a thank you I’ll send you a FREE copy of the just4Me Bake Club Classic Collection set of episodes and recipes, valued at $39.99 when the collection is complete.

I look forward to your lists,

Happy baking just4You, ’cause the ME is worth it!


P.S. this offer is for a limited time so please send your list now!

Hello, thanks for stopping by my blog.

I don’t know how you see cooking  but for me, as a single household,  I’ve spent a lot of years seeing ‘real’  cooking as the cooking I did when I entertained family and friends.

I saw this as my chance to try all the wonderful, real recipes I’d read in the endless pile of cookbooks that sit beside my bed. It was the time I saw myself as a ‘real’ cook, making proper meals and glowing with satisfaction as my friends and family enjoyed the fruits of my all effort. And I did make a big effort, beautiful food, great ingredients, the best china – all matching – and a table decorated with creative flair.

However if you dropped by on a weeknight, my cooking was not so grand, after all it was only me so why bother too much?

When I started to think about this, the truth was that I spent more time doing ‘why bother’ cooking than I did ‘real’ cooking. There were many, many more days of the week I cooked just4Me than cooking for other people yet I showed myself  so little respect.

When I read that 24% of Australian households were single person I realised I was not alone. And so began my journey to rethink the centre of my cooking world.

To explore the world of cooking for small households, to discover ways to experience the joy and satisfaction that I got cooking for others, cooking just4Me.

I’ve thought about this a lot.

I’ve talked about this a lot.

And I’ve found that many other single households face similar challenges. Me being me I started to work out ways to meet these challenges.

I talked some more.

I thought more.

cooking for me and you cookbooks
Very popular Thermomix book “cooking for me and You ” written by Caroline

I shared more ideas.

And everyone said….’write your recipes down and please share them’… ‘but I’m dyslexic’ I cried. ‘I’m not good at writing”…. ‘we don’t care, share your recipes and ideas’

…so I finally did and they became the popular ‘Cooking for you and me’ cookbook and chip for Thermomix.

Week night dinners sorted I started to think about cakes and baking.

I wasn’t a baker but I did like a little bit of cake with my cuppa. Something tasty, not too sweet, filling and enjoyable.

When I decided to look for the perfect cake recipe  to have with a cuppa I was struck how sweet the recipes were and how big the cakes were.

The world of cakes and baking  had become supersized!

Recipes in my high school Home Economics book called for 7 inch  (18cm) cake tins while most recipes today call for 22-24 cm tins. When did cake recipes become supersized?

24 cm and 15 cm versions of Torta Caprese. – flourless chocolate cake

I went hunting for cakes that were sized for my needs. My research lead me to conclude that the perfect size is 15 cm (6 inch). Enough for a few slices or to share if friends drop by. Big enough to look like a  “real” cake when I took it to work or bookclub but not so big that I’d end-up wasting half of it or worse still, grossly overeat on cake.

With no recipes for this perfect size cake I set about to learn to bake and convert recipes to suit my needs. I’ve done a lot of baking and testing. I’ve made lots of mistakes (the blackbirds in my garden enjoyed them even if I didn’t) and created some amazing taste treats. And I’m a little closer to finding the answer to the question of the perfect cake.

Three years on I’ve created dozens of recipes for just4Me sized cakes and I thought it time to share with others who cook just for themselves.

That thought was the beginning of the just4Me Bake Club. A place for just4Me bakers to talk cake and baking and other delicious matters.

If you’ve read this far, I’m taking it you are interested in my recipes. Like to try one for free?

Click here to download a free version of the Torta Caprese – flourless chocolate cake sized just4You.

If you’d like to know more about how the Bake Club works click here.

I hope the recipe bring you as much enjoyment as it has me.

Happy baking.