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Hello and Welcome!

Let me introduce myself.

I’m Caroline and I’m a just4Me baker. I’m also an educator, author and Thermomix fan who wants to enhance the lives of those who cook just for themselves. Because the “Me” is worth it!

About 5 years ago I decided I was tired of recipes always being for 4, 6, or 8 and set about creating recipes just4Me. This work lead to me writing the ‘Cooking for you and me’ cookbook for Thermomix, which has been massively popular.

With weeknight dinners sorted, I started a journey to find the perfect cake to have with a cuppa in a size for Me.

As I’m not a baker, I decided I would learn to be one.

Three years on, I’m feeling much more like a baker plus I’ve created a huge collection of cake recipes that I’d love to share with other just4Me bakers. And that’s why the just4Me Bake Club was created. And you don’t need a Thermomix!

Would you like to try a recipe for free? Click here.

I look forward to meeting you in the just4Me Bake Club.


Founder of the just4Me Bake Club

cropped fruit cake and note book